Zoë Akihary


Benefits of Yoga


So I have been doing yoga for almost half a year and I must say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. I am literally so excited to learn new things and catch myself getting more flexible at several poses and hold onto something for a longer amount of time. Starting yoga is quite hard especially for non-flexible people. However, the results are there quicker than you realize as for the months since yoga is amazing, especially in my graduation year. Today I am sharing some yoga health benefits that might convince you to start practice some yoga as well.

  1. Grounded and better focus: this is something which is very important in life. In both your personal and working life it is important to stay focussed in a conversation, in writing an essay and listening to someone.

2. Peace of mind: No one likes being stressed!

3. Less chance of a heart disease.

4. Increases metobolism.

5. Oxygen to the brain.

6. Helps digestion.

7. Better posture.

8. Stronger Bones