Zoë Akihary



Hey guys, it’s been an intense two weeks after Berlin. Right before the deadline of a schoolproject in which we had to make a concept for a starting and upcoming fashion brand in the year 2035. I had a lot of getting stuck moments during this project and started completely over in the last week, so it was very hectic. Luckily, I completely finished my concept on time and I am very satisfied with it. Unfortunately, my presentation/pitch did not go so well, because of the nerves so I have to resit for it. Which is fine, because now I can work on making my concept even better!

That being said: I did have some time to enjoy the flowers and sun in the beautiful Netherlands and the Vondel Park in Amsterdam. I worked on the open day of my school (AMFI, Amsterdam Fashion Institute) and had some time off afterwards to sit and relax in the park. I’m wearing Niels’ vintage Levi’s jacket and his sweater. With a fisherman cap I got ages ago from H&M, a leopard skirt, glitter tights from Hema and a pair of Dr. Martens.