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I am struggling, big time. You know those first world problems about Instagram. You do not like your feed or the filter you use, but acutally you are glad you finally stuck to one Instagram theme for once. Well that is my struggle. I always have the urge to make the perfect Instagram feed, stick to a theme and use the same filter and edit routine with every picture so it looks all sort out together. Like your life is all put together. But I when you see someone else’s feed you are like, okaay.. Everything bright is so much nicer, but then I have to start again. Well that is my current struggle.

My blog is also a big struggle, I would like to blog everyday or have at least some kind of structure. Like a blogpost three times a week or something like that. I am just scared that I don’t have anything to post and I like quality before quantity. On the other hand I love it when other bloggers post everyday. Hmm, what shall I do. I am having a lack of inspiration currently. Like a serious lack of inspiration and it is so frustrating. I thought of starting a Youtube channel with lookbooks for every season/theme. Like a fall lookbook, Christmas lookbook etc. But who knows. Have a lovely sunday!

-Love, Zoë

Dress: Double Birdie/ Bag: Habibah/ Shoes: Dr. Martens

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