Zoë Akihary


Mellow Yellow

DSC_6026I am not the best at writing. Actually, as a fashionblogger writing is very essential. Creating the perfect style that fits your photography, your blog and most important you. It has to be one of your features. However, I like to write small amounts of text and sometimes no text at all. Not because I am lazy (what I actually am), but because I just do not know what to write. I could tell you all about the story behind this outfit, but honestly, I just picked it out of my closet, matched some colours with each other, went out and shot some pictures at the same time and continued doing what I was doing. I could also tell everything what I did today, but you just do not want to hear my endless school is boring stories and how much homework my economics teacher gave us for example. But… I will try.

So as I said this outfit was a very random pick. I love this kind of mustard yellow dress from Zara paired with my leopard sandals and headband (from habibah). I wore it a while ago, but I explained my late outfit posting in my previous post. I am glad I still have a stock of unused pictures, because I am so busy this week with school. I have a lot of work to do and work a head, because the week after is going to be a week full of meetings and events. Visting the Paul’s Boutique Londen Event, catching up with PR Agencies (which are pretty much all based in Amsterdam), visiting Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, Salon Della Moda and that combined with school. My schedule sucks since I finish late everyday and ain’t got no time for Netflix. Oh, right. The Dutch Netflix is deleting my favorite serie Gossip Girl on September 8. Anyways, my lack of writing inspiration turned out to be a chit chat about everything. Have a nice weekend everyone!



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