Zoë Akihary


Why I Started Blogging Again?

Blogging has been a major part of my youth. From the age of twelve I started documenting my opinion on runway shows online on my blog called *inner cringe* “Zoe’s Fashion World’, later turned into ‘Zoe’s Fashion City’, because I lost my password and eventually it turned into Style Papillon for the majority of years. When I turned 16 I changed my name to simply www.zoeakihary.com, but the content became very irregular to non-existent. Instagram changed to my main platform of content creation where I built a following of 35.000 thousand followers.

I have never really been the person who wants to be in the spotlights, in fact, I am quite shy and introvert. I have a hard time expressing myself, but I tend to enjoy writing for myself as well as the visual part of it. However, the sharing on the internet part has not really been my intention from the start. I was young, naive and did not frankly know how easily everything is published online and accessed worldwide. But the things that came on my path through that, really made me realise that I wanted to be part of the fashion industry.

I deleted the whole platform as well as my social media channels, because I felt incredibly awkward when people mentioned my work or asked me how I reached it. I wanted it to be for myself and felt a lot of pressure to create content constantly, but also felt that my privacy was quite damaged. From personal style blogging and documenting my outfits and inspiration ,the content has changed tremendously. I didn’t dress myself as expressive as I used to do in my younger years and therefore had a hard time of changing the blog completely. I am a very private person so when readers started asking about my personal life, it kind of turned me down. As well as the fact that blogs were popping up everywhere out of nowhere and started to have a shallow and fake reputation. People over-editing their images, constantly posing for the picture perfect and wanting to have items sent home to write about it. I am awkward in front of the camera, felt overwhelmed by those items which I sometimes didn’t even like and was seeking for more depth, but that somehow, didn’t feel appreciated and I am too insecure to talk about other subjects.

Now after two years I feel the urge of sharing my opinion again. Not necessarily about my personal life or outfits, but about more as in writing articles. I enjoy writing, photography and researching certain topics in the angle of fashion, culture, sports, sociology and sustainability. In this blog I will share more serious articles as well as stating my opinion. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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