Hi there, I am Zoe!
​I am a (freelance) creative strategist, researcher, video editor and graphic designer. Currently based in London and Amsterdam.
Growing up I always wandered my thoughts to creating and living my own fantasy world. 
And these fantastical friends, occasionally pop up in my work, balancing my interest for strategy, maths and economics and turning it into a realistic concept: alien civilisations from other planets come to warn denim brands that we are exceeding the boundaries of this planet. Cute and cuddly ‘kawaii’ characters turn evil to tackle female stereotypes in sports. 
I often like to say I’m a mermaid, as I enjoy being in the ocean. Just like them, I seem to exist in two worlds - but I think I belong most in the creative industry where imagination and strategic logic go hand-in-hand. 

"Zoe is a rare combination of out-of-the-box creativity and strategic logic - a winning combination as proven by her D&AD New Blood pencil. She actively seeks new challenges whether learning a new digital program or mastering a surf or skateboard. Never short of an idea, her imagination overflows, she won’t stop until she has solved the brief. A recent project with Converse resulted in her being offered a week-long mentorship from the brand marketing team. She has excellent research skills and self-motivation. As her teacher for the last three years, I have been in a privileged position to see how fast she grows. She might be young but she is a creative force to be reckoned with!" - Joanna Watson (Branding & Strategy teacher)

"Zoe is extremely knowledgeable about all things digital marketing. She is resourceful and quickly executes any task thrown her way. Her creativity is evident and utilized to nimbly maneuver any situation. She communicates well with team members and is a joy to work with!" - Beck Delude (Media Manager PVH Europe (Tommy Hilfiger))
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