Zoe Akihary is an art director and photographer in the advertising and fashion industry, with a love for creating images that convey a sense of calmth and a touch of surrealism. In Amsterdam/Berlin, her strategic creative vision is brought to life through clear, art direction, blending in-depth visual research with her unique flair for spotting the beauty in the everyday and finding insights the current cultural landscape. Alongside her visual work, Zoe offers insights into her research and interest in art direction in the fashion industry, through an open source newsletter. She is available for art direction, concept development, creative work and photography.

Skills: creative concepting, art direction, campaigns, storytelling, photography, digital, gen z insights, trend forecasting, social media, graphic/brand identities, pitching and film.

Clients include: Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Converse, Patta, Electronic Arts, Levi’s, GUP Magazine, Contributor Magazine, PayPal + more..

say hi at info@zoeakihary.com