Louis Vuitton
Whispers of Tomorrow
Personal project (mock up)

Amidst rising global chaos, society is turning to minimalism and the steady rhythms of nature as an escape, searching for peace and mental well-being in simpler, slower living—a shared dream of healing in the embrace of the natural world.

The  Campaign
“Whispers of Tomorrow” celebrates a peaceful dawn, symbolized by Louis Vuitton’s elegance in a fast-paced chaotic world. It intertwines tranquitlity and nature’s rhythm, offering a serence escape narrative.

Exploring untouched landscapes, we find serenity in every colour. Louis Vuitton crafts this dream, fusing fashion with symbols of unity and mindful living.

Embodying tomorrow’s gentle promises, we find strength in stillness and luxury in quietness. Our collective desire for peace unites under Louis Vuitton’s enduring legacy.

Concept, design, art direction and writing by Zoe Akihary
Everything created from scratch and model images from Louis Vuitton.

Programs used: Midjourney, Photoshop, Lightroom. Premiere Pro, Illustrator and After Effects.