Weight of Dreams
Photoseries (ongoing)
Featured in Contributor Magazine, Photo Museum. PhotoVogue
Role: Art director, photographer and producer

Model/Ballet Dancer: Liza Gorbachova from the Dutch National Ballet

This project is an ongoing project...
Film is launching soon...

"Weight of Dreams" follows Liza, a Ukrainian ballerina, in a reality where dreams are tangible. Her quest for inner secrets challenges known boundaries, merging reality and fantasy in an enthralling dance.

In a world where dreams have real weight, we follow Liza, a ballet dancer from the Dutch National Ballet and Opera from Ukraine as she explores her inner self and seeks to go beyond the limits of reality. Caught between the constraints of the everyday world and the captivating pull of her dreams, she sets out on a mission to unravel the secrets hidden deep within her mind.

Liza Gorbachova - Dutch National Ballet: “a Young ballerina named Elizaveta ‘Liza’ Gorbachova, found herself alone in Moscow with a single suitcase in hand, making a daring escape to Estonia. Uncertain if her Ukrainian passport would spell trouble for her getaway, Liza acted on her instincts and booked the last bus out of the city, leaving behind her life as a performer at the renowned Bolshoi Theatre.”